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New video appears to show George Floyd being kneeled on by 3 officers

George Floyd was pronounced dead after Minneapolis police officers restrained him while he repeated, "I can't breathe!"

CNN Center in Atlanta damaged during protests

The front of CNN Center in Atlanta was the scene of violent protests on Friday evening that resulted in damage to the front of the building and inside.

A week of distractions from Trump shows a leader in crisis

On Monday, as the nation marked Memorial Day, President Donald Trump mocked his campaign rival for wearing a face mask. On Wednesday, as the national death toll from coronavirus reached a wretched milestone, Trump and his family flew to Florida in an attempted focus on space travel. By Friday, as smoke was lifting in Minneapolis after a night of racial unrest, he announced the United States would withdraw from the World Health Organization.

The world's new Covid-19 epicenter could be the worst yet

For months, Latin America watched the rest of the world suffer as the coronavirus spread. It is a spectator no longer.

Trump launches unprecedented attack on China

President Donald Trump launched a blistering attack on China Friday, naming misdeeds that range from espionage to the violation of Hong Kong's freedoms, and announced a slew of retaliatory measures that will plunge US-China relations deeper into crisis.

How Vietnam kept its coronavirus death toll at zero

When the world looked to Asia for successful examples in handling the novel coronavirus outbreak, much attention and plaudits were paid to South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Jesse Jackson: 'We're tired of being used as target practice'

Civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson talks to Amanpour about the death of George Floyd and says that America must fight white supremacy to the very end.

Joe Biden discusses his phone call with George Floyd's family

Former Vice President Joe Biden talks to CNN's Don Lemon about offering solace during a phone call he had with George Floyd's family.

This is how loved ones want us to remember George Floyd

George Floyd moved to Minnesota for a fresh start — an opportunity to better himself and to be a better father.

The historic SpaceX-NASA launch could once again be scrubbed due to bad weather

The first crewed spaceflight to take off from the US in nearly a decade is scheduled to launch on Saturday.

Boris Johnson's bad week isn't going to end

With the exception of the days he spent in intensive care, this past week has been Boris Johnson's worst since taking office.

US quitting World Health Organization, Trump says

President Donald Trump announced on Friday that the United States will terminate its relationship with the World Health Organization, a move he has threatened throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Civil lawsuit alleges Harvey Weinstein raped 17-year-old in 1990s

Four women identified as Jane Does filed a lawsuit against disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein Thursday, alleging he sexually assaulted them. The allegations include the story of one woman who says Weinstein raped her in 1994 when she was about 17. 

7 people shot in protests over the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor, police say

One of the attorneys for Kenneth Walker released audio Thursday of the 911 call placed by Walker after his girlfriend Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by Louisville Metro Police in her home in March.

Playdates and the pandemic: Can kids safely meet up?

As states reopen, some parents are relaxing social distancing rules and allowing their kids to play with others. But with scientific research politicized and changing daily, it's hard to tell how risky playdates are and what's safe amid the ongoing pandemic.

'That's a healthy dose:' CNN reporter hit with gas

CNN's Miguel Marquez reports from Minneapolis where the police are deploying tear gas against demonstrators protesting the death of George Floyd after a curfew was enacted.

A Kansas soldier likely saved 'countless lives' by driving into an active shooter, police say

Master Sgt. David Royer stood upright with his interlocking hands in front of him Thursday as he matter-of-factly recounted how he rammed his truck into an active shooter before heading home to hug his kids, mow the grass and have dinner.

Germany to reintroduce military rabbis for the first time since 1930s

Germany is reintroducing rabbis into its military for the first time since the Nazis banned them from the armed forces in the 1930s.

The racist origin of the phrase Trump tweeted

President Trump tweeted about nationwide protests over George Floyd's death, saying "when the looting starts the shooting starts." Trump and the White House have since said that the tweet was not intended as a threat. CNN's Abby Phillip reports on the racist history tied to the phrase.

Protesting Russian journalists charged with violating lockdown laws

Several prominent Russian journalists have been charged with violating laws on protesting and social distancing, after being temporarily detained on Thursday in Moscow. They had been holding separate solo demonstrations in support of a jailed colleague, according to statements from their employers.

WWII aircraft buried by sand discovered on beach after 76 years

A British couple have found the wreckage of a crashed World War II fighter jet, believed to be a Bristol Beaufighter TF.X aircraft, on a beach in northeastern England.

CNN's Omar Jimenez released from custody: We didn't get a 'sorry' from officers

CNN's Omar Jimenez is released from police custody after being arrested while covering protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Minnesota State Patrol arrested the team live on CNN air.

Woman kept grandmother's body in basement freezer for 16 years in social security scheme, police say

Last year, police in Pennsylvania found old human remains in a freezer. Now, an investigation has concluded that it was all part of a scam to collect social security checks.

Zuckerberg finally explains why Facebook is doing nothing about Trump's posts

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained Friday night why his company would take no action on posts in which President Trump threatened "looting" in Minneapolis would lead to "shooting." That explanation came roughly 16 hours after Twitter did take action and despite Zuckerberg's having previously told Congress that posts inciting violence would not be tolerated on Facebook.

Monkeys snatch blood samples of suspected Covid-19 patients

A troop of monkeys snatched the blood samples of suspected coronavirus patients at a government hospital in the Meerut district of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Grandma steps in front of police guns to protect grandson

Police in Midland, Texas released video of the dramatic arrest of 21-year-old Tye Anders.

Van Jones calls out the dehumanization of African American men

CNN's Van Jones discusses the death of George Floyd, an African American man who died after being held down by a police officer's knee, and the implications this has on racial issues in the United States.

Which international destinations are reopening to tourists?

Although most governments are still advising against "nonessential" international travel, a host of popular destinations are beginning to ease their Covid-19 lockdown measures and border restrictions and are moving toward welcoming tourists back.

Football's restart is a battle of 'money vs. health,' says former Premier League club doctor

The world's richest football league will return to our screens on June 17.

Daredevil biker swaps mountains for washing machine stunts

Most people might look at a washing machine and think it's only got one use.

As a female footballer it's 'impossible to not be standing for equality,' says Ada Hegerberg

It doesn't take long to understand what type of person Ada Hegerberg is. One of the world's best female footballers certainly likes to be punctual.

World's deepest octopus, complete with Dumbo ears, captured on film 4 miles below the surface

The deepest known sighting of an octopus has been captured on film, more than a mile deeper than the previous reliable sighting.

German scientists hope human excrement can help warn of outbreaks

German scientists hope that human excrement can help detect early traces of Covid-19. They say traces of the virus can be found in wastewater and could predict potential outbreak areas. CNN's Fred Pleitgen explains.

Inside the last of Germany's disappearing nuclear plants

After an earthquake and tsunami triggered multiple meltdowns at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi power plant in 2011, the shockwaves were felt across the world's nuclear industry. Over 5,000 miles away in Germany, where the use of atomic energy had long been a matter of contention, the incident sounded a death knell.

'Space Force' casts Steve Carell in a broad satire that never achieves liftoff

Reuniting Steve Carell and "The Office" producer Greg Daniels, "Space Force" carries such an impressive payload -- from the star-heavy cast to the concept -- it's a shame the actual show isn't better. As is, this too-broad parody has sporadic moments but consistently feels like it's trying way too hard to achieve liftoff, like an "Airplane!" movie gone wrong.

This app uses science and tradition to warn African farmers of drought

An app is combining weather station data with the traditional knowledge of African farmers to predict droughts.

Preserved ancient Roman mosaic floor found in Italy

A well preserved ancient Roman floor has been discovered under a vineyard in Negrar, Italy.

What protesters say is fueling their anger

As protesters gather in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Charlotte and other cities across the US, frustration continues to grow over the death of George Floyd.

Americans wake up to another day of uncertainty

Americans woke up to another day of uncertainty Saturday after a night of fires and outrage over the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

CNN reporter says she's never seen this before

CNN's Sara Sidner reports on the ongoing protest over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, despite the curfew order.

In pictures: Protesting the death of George Floyd

Protesters continue to demonstrate against the death of George Floyd, a black man who died Monday in Minneapolis after pleading for help as a police officer pinned him -- unarmed and handcuffed -- to the ground.

Van Jones: It's not the racists we have to worry about

CNN's Van Jones says that the black community is tired of hearing empty promises of change and that they should be more worried about "the White Liberal Hillary Clinton supporter" than a white racist.

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