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Sumo, selfie and steak: Trump's big day out in Tokyo

Hours before President Donald Trump was set to begin a day of male bonding with his Japanese counterpart, he issued a tweet underscoring his lingering divides with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over security matters.

Why the country with the world's largest oil reserves faces gas shortages

For many Venezuelans, oil is a birthright in the country blessed with the largest crude reserves in the world. Despite wild hyperinflation, Venezuela's government has never increased the price of gasoline. Today, amid a crushing economic crisis, filling up a tank in Venezuela is still basically free -- but only if you can afford to wait for days in line.

Trump dances with danger in Middle East

In the Persian Gulf, a US aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, lurks off the Iranian coast, sending out a message of aggression. Meanwhile, in the Levant, the administration of US President Donald Trump starts to roll out his version of a widely anticipated peace plan for the Israelis and the Palestinians.

'Devil took his toll,' says priest confronted by alleged victim

"Father, I wanted to look you in the eye ... I wanted to ask you why?" demands Anna Misiewicz as she confronts the parish priest she says abused her when she was just seven and eight years old.

German Jews told not to wear kippahs in public

German Jews have been warned by a leading government official not to wear traditional kippahs in all public settings following a rise in anti-Semitic attacks across the country.

Prosecutors to charge man for decades-old Ireland murder -- in France

Perched on a bench in the quiet courtyard of a pub, Ian Bailey is signing a copy of his self-published book of poetry for a young American woman. He then opens a folded paper printout of his latest work.

Hamilton wins 'with the spirit of Niki'

Lewis Hamilton led from start to finish at the Monaco Grand Prix to win his fourth race of the season after an emotional week for the world of Formula 1.

Moby apologizes to Natalie Portman

Moby is apologizing for what he wrote about Natalie Portman in his new memoir, "Then It Fell Apart."

Federer makes winning French Open return after 4-year absence

If you were a 37-year-old at the French Open Sunday, it was a day to remember.

Missing hiker lived on berries in forest for 17 days

It had been more than two weeks that she had been lost in a thick Hawaiian forest, and Amanda Eller was at an end.

Everest climber dies after warning of overcrowding

A British mountaineer who recently died on Everest warned of overcrowding at the summit in his last post to social media.

Shark kills 65-year-old swimming off Maui

A shark attack killed a 65-year-old man as he was swimming off the coast of Maui Saturday morning, according to authorities.

Why it took Facebook so long to act against doctored Pelosi video

It took Facebook more than a day to downgrade a doctored video making House Speaker Nancy Pelosi look like she was slurring her words -- and the video itself remains on the site, with copycats proliferating.

10 people shot, one fatally, at Memorial Day weekend gathering

Gunfire broke out at a neighborhood gathering in Virginia, leaving at least eight people hospitalized with injuries, authorities said.

Ireland to liberalize divorce laws following referendum

Divorce laws in the Republic of Ireland will be liberalized after the results of a referendum were revealed Sunday morning.

Watch this helicopter fly upside down over NYC

Lucky New Yorkers got a sneak peak of a Memorial Day airshow when pilot Aaron Fitzgerald flew seemingly impossible loops, twists and barrels with his Red Bull Aerobatic helicopter.

Peru earthquake leaves several injured

An 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck northern Peru on Sunday morning, according to preliminary readings from the United States Geological Survey.

'Inappropriate dress:' 30 arrested at yoga class

Authorities in Iran arrested 30 people as they took part in a private yoga class in Gorgan, a city in the north of the country, according to an official news agency, the Young Journalists Club.

Pope likens abortion to 'hiring a hitman'

Pope Francis likened having an abortion to hiring a "hitman" while speaking at the "Yes to Life" anti-abortion conference in Rome Saturday.

Naomi Osaka 'can win 10 grand slams'

Two-time grand slam champion Naomi Osaka could dominate the women's game for years to come and win as many as 10 major titles, says Chinese great Li Na.

Fiji Sevens demolish Australia to win London title

Fiji won back-to-back London Sevens titles for the first time after demolishing Australia 43-7 at Twickenham Stadium on Sunday.

Expedition reveals world's biggest cave is even bigger than we thought

Thanks to discoveries made during a recent expedition in Vietnam, it appears the world's largest cave, Son Doong, is even bigger than previously thought.

Spice Girls 'awful' sound disappoints fans

The Spice Girls kicked off their highly anticipated reunion tour in Dublin on Friday night, however some fans were left disappointed after complaining of "awful" sound problems during the show.

Teen stops to help push man in wheelchair home through storm

Gregory Beck was on his way to his St. Louis home in his wheelchair when tornado sirens sounded.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom attend Formula E film premiere

Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom graced the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival last week for the world premiere of a stunning new film about Formula E.

Footballer choked to death in front of his daughter

In 2002, at just 59, former British footballer Jeff Astle choked to death.

Undisputed queen of the red carpet

Bong Joon-ho of South Korea won the Palme d'Or, the Cannes Film Festival's top prize, on Saturday for his seventh feature film, "Parasite." It's the first time the director has won what is considered by many the highest honor in world cinema.

Leonardo da Vinci may have had ADHD, study says

The Mona Lisa is arguably the world's most famous painting -- and yet, like many of Leonardo da Vinci's works, it's also considered unfinished. Half a millennium after his death, new research has identified a potential explanation behind the Renaissance artist's series of uncompleted projects: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.

Hypersonic jet to fly NY-London in 90 mins

A US start-up has revealed plans to develop a plane that will travel at five times the speed of sound, transporting passengers between New York and London in 90 minutes or less.

Amsterdam is sick of tourists

Famous for its tolerance as much as its narrow houses and broad canals, Amsterdam is undergoing a radical change of attitude when it comes to the millions of tourists that flock to see it each year.

Hottest looks from the French Riviera

This month, Hollywood's brightest stars are descending upon the French Riviera for the annual Cannes Film Festival. Against the idyllic background of the sun-soaked Riviera, this is where some of the world's most high-profile directors premiere the films that they hope will excite critics and viewers alike -- and, if they're lucky, win awards.

What you need to know about the biggest multi-country election

More than 350 million people in the European Union are eligible to cast ballots in the world's biggest multi-country election this week.

What does the European Parliament actually do?

For years it was a rite of passage for European holidaymakers visiting another country on the continent -- the dreaded phone bill on the return home.

Joe Lockhart: Trump and the right-wing gang up on Pelosi

To the casual observer, two seemingly unrelated political stories broke Thursday in Washington. First, The Washington Post reported that doctored videos of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in which she appears intoxicated at a political event, had spread across the internet and social media platforms. (It should be noted that Pelosi doesn't drink, but facts sometimes take a back seat to smears from opponents.) Later, at the White House, President Trump opened a new line of attack on Speaker Pelosi, saying, "She's a mess. ... She's lost it. ... I think she's got a lot of problems." He called her "crazy Nancy."

Jeffrey Sachs: China is not the source of America's economic problems. Corporate greed is

China is not an enemy. It is a nation trying to raise its living standards through education, international trade, infrastructure investment, and improved technologies. In short, it is doing what any country should do when confronted with the historical reality of being poor and far behind more powerful countries. Yet the Trump administration is now aiming to stop China's development, which could prove to be disastrous for both the United States and the entire world.

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