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Stone juror fires back at Trump's criticism

Seth Cousins, a juror in the Roger Stone trial, defends the guilty verdict, saying that it was "not rigged" and that President Donald Trump "damages our democracy" by attacking the process.

Passenger weeps after leaving cruise ship quarantine

CNN's Matt Rivers speaks to a woman who spent two weeks quarantined on the Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Japan after passengers on the ship were diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Warren's Bloomberg attack draws audible crowd reaction

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) attacked former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg during NBC News' 2020 Democratic presidential debate in Nevada.

US and UK accuse Russia of major cyber attack

The US, UK, and Georgia accused the Russian military Thursday of being behind a major 2019 cyber attack on Georgia that disrupted "several thousand Georgian government and privately-run websites and interrupted the broadcast of at least two major television stations."

These are the questions the jury has asked in Harvey Weinstein's trial

Jurors in Harvey Weinstein's case have asked the court for legal clarifications, to repeat testimony from key witnesses, to provide apartment blueprints and more since deliberations began on Tuesday.

Mysterious notification spooks Samsung Galaxy owners

A strange message with a "1" stacked on top of another "1" mysteriously popped up on Samsung Galaxy devices this week. It was all cleared up, but not before causing some confusion.

Prayer leader stabbed at London mosque

Police have arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder after a stabbing at a mosque in central London.

Dutch government returns stolen 18th-century 'precious crown' to Ethiopia

The Dutch government returned a stolen ceremonial crown to the Ethiopian government Thursday.

California is finally apologizing for WWII prison camps

When Kanji Sahara remembers 1942, he pictures throwing paper airplanes from his makeshift classroom in the Santa Anita Park grandstand.

Apple may loosen restrictions on default iPhone apps

Apple may be about to give its customers a lot more control over their iPhones and iPads.

U2 star drops by to serve food to Irish team

Rugby is a sport renowned for big hits -- but not necessarily the sort rock star Bono is used to churning out.

Have visitors finally overstayed their welcome in Hawaii?

The world-famous Ha'ikū Stairs along Oahu's Ko'olau mountain range, known as the "Stairway to Heaven," has been closed to the public since 1991, but you wouldn't know that from Instagram.

Earth's coral reefs may be doomed much sooner than scientists thought

Climate change could destroy almost all of Earth's coral reef habitats by 2100, according to new research.

The world's largest wealth manager is getting a new CEO

There's another leadership change atop a major Swiss bank.

Roger Federer sidelined for months after knee surgery

Roger Federer has pulled out of this year's French Open after undergoing knee surgery.

Julie Walters reveals she was diagnosed with bowel cancer

British actress Julie Walters has revealed she was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2018.

Two dead after high-speed train jumps tracks in Australia

Two people have died and a number of people are injured after a train traveling from Sydney to Melbourne derailed in Victoria, Australia on Thursday evening.

Kid's hug meant more than he could know

A sweet moment of a young boy running up to a man delivering pizza and hugging him was captured on a doorbell camera. The man's recent loss made the exchange that much more meaningful. CNN affiliate WLNE reports.

'Stranger Things' actor raises awareness of rare disease

Calling all "Stranger Things" fans: Did you know the reason nerdy preteen Dustin Henderson doesn't have any front teeth in seasons one and three is because the actor who plays him has a rare bone condition?

Benefits (and some surprising science) about owning a pet

Thursday, February 20, is "National Love Your Pet Day" in the United States, but every day is "love your pet" day in my home. Snuggling next to my kitties while their furry chests softly rumble is a proven antidote to the day's stress.

Huge rail tunnels plunge deep under the Alps

Thousands of feet under the Swiss Alps, a new high-speed, high-capacity railway is close to completion. The Ceneri Base Tunnel and the Gotthard Base Tunnel -- the world's longest railway tunnel -- will shave hours off the time it take trains to cross the mountains of Europe.

Whitney Houston hologram tour is already creeping people out

There was outcry last year when it was announced that a hologram of Whitney Houston was set to go on tour years after she died.

Avlon: Trump's pardons are restocking the swamp

CNN's John Avlon warns that President Trump's recent pardons are helping further normalize corruption.

Peloton is giving free bikes to disappointed Flywheel customers

Owners of Flywheel's in-home bikes will soon be forced to spin into enemy territory.

Music video for an iconic 80s track hits 1 billion views on YouTube

Iconic hit "Take On Me" has become only the second '80s music video to notch more than one billion views on YouTube.

See family's emotional reunion after coronavirus quarantine

A Wisconsin family is finally reunited after Samuel Roth's wife and daughters spent weeks on lockdown in Wuhan, China, then under quarantine in California.

The boss of France's richest soccer team has been charged in connection with a TV rights scandal

Paris Saint-Germain president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has been charged in Switzerland for criminal offenses around the awarding of media rights for various World Cups and Confederations Cups.

'The car was turning for me': Sam Bird on the race of his life

Sports stars often talk about being in the "zone," that mythical place where good things happen.

Scientists to fire time capsule of humanity to the moon

Earth is giving a gift to the moon that will land on the lunar surface next year.

The greatest depressions: Finding Earth's lowest spots

Sky climbers seem ubiquitous. They top Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro, anything with a peak, and then prattle on about it forever. Yawn.

Patient plays violin during brain surgery

Dagmar Turner was worried about losing her ability to play the violin during brain surgery, so she played the instrument during the operation.

Here's what happened at London Fashion Week

A haze of melancholia colored the proceedings at London Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2020. In contrast to previous seasons, there were few overt political messages seen on the runways. Vivienne Westwood was the only designer to use her platform for literal protest, when she staged a call to arms to free Julian Assange.

Where to eat in Milan, according to fashion week regulars

Milan doesn't always feature highly on lists of Italy's top culinary destinations, but this week the city's restaurants will be much busier as the fashion world descends for Milan Fashion Week.

70,000-year-old skeleton could reveal Neanderthal death rites

Around 70,000 years ago, a Neanderthal was laid to rest in Shanidar Cave. Excavations in recent years have slowly revealed its entire upper body, including the clenched bones of a right hand.

Comments come hours after Stone was sentenced to prison for convictions on charges regarding his efforts for Trump's 2016 campaign

President Donald Trump hinted Thursday he's eyeing clemency for his former adviser Roger Stone, who was sentenced to 40 months in prison.

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone given 40 months in prison

Roger Stone, a longtime showman, political strategist and friend of Donald Trump's whom a jury found guilty of lying to Congress and threatening a witness regarding his efforts for the President's 2016 campaign, is being sentenced Thursday morning in Washington.

Trump's bending of justice will have consequences

President Donald Trump's determination to bend the justice system threatens what makes America great in ways far beyond the fate of his allies such as Roger Stone.

US issues coronavirus-related travel advisory for Japan

• World's largest container shipping company cancels 50 sailings

The 32-page booklet that is haunting Mike Bloomberg

• What drives Klobuchar's disdain for Buttigieg

Violent right-wing attacks on the rise in Germany. Experts say the culprit is obvious

Germany has a growing far-right problem. The deadly terrorist attack in Hanau has made that clear.

Markets were totally calm. Then stocks fell off a cliff

It was shaping up to be a quiet day on Wall Street. Then around midday, stocks sold off sharply and investors scrambled. With no obvious catalyst triggering the selloff, worries about the coronavirus outbreak seemed to be the obvious suspect.

Goldman Sachs warns of market correction

Stocks keep reaching record highs. Goldman Sachs is worried that leaves investors vulnerable to surprises.

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