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'Trump of the Tropics' fawns over US president and decries 'fake news'

When talk emerged last autumn of a "Trump of the Tropics" running for president in Brazil, the actual US President Donald Trump took keen interest.

Cyclone survivors cling to rooftops as they await rescue

Fears are growing for more than 500,000 people in the Mozambique city of Beira, after aid agency officials warned that 90% of the area had been "destroyed" by Cyclone Idai.

World War II aircraft carrier found more than 2 miles under Pacific

Nearly 14,000 feet below the surface of the South Pacific, a remote-controlled research craft has glimpsed the hull of an aircraft carrier, the USS Wasp, that hadn't been seen since 1942.

No-deal Brexit happens in 10 days time and no one knows if the EU will stop it

Brexit is deep into its most crucial week since the last one.

The last of the Soviet-era bosses makes his exit in Kazakhstan

The last remaining Soviet-era head of state has stepped down.

Elizabeth Warren just had her best moment of the 2020 campaign

It's been a bit of a rough start for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren's 2020 presidential campaign.

Ex-House Speaker Paul Ryan joins board of Fox Corporation

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is joining the board of the newly slimmed-down Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News.

Top American model comes out as transgender

When I ask Nathan Westling what he sees in the mirror, he describes "a masculine version of my old self." His red hair is shorn short, his voice has deepened and his face seems more angular, despite the fact he's about 20 pounds heavier than he was six months ago. ("But it looks good," the 22-year-old insists, laughing. "I'm growing into my young adult male body.")

For the first time, mathematics' prestigious prize awarded to a woman

Karen Uhlenbeck, a mathematician and professor at the University of Texas, has been awarded this year's Abel Prize, a mathematics prize modeled after the Nobels. It's the first time the prize has gone to a woman.

India's richest man put his brother out of business. Now he's bailing him out

India's richest man just helped his cash-strapped younger brother avoid months in prison by paying off debts worth tens of millions of dollars.

Utrecht shooting: Note found in getaway car suggests terror motive

A letter found in a getaway car used by the Utrecht tram shooting suspect suggests a terror motive was behind the attack, police said on Tuesday.

Severe water shortages could plunge England into 'jaws of death' in 25 years

Climate change and rapid population growth could leave England facing severe water shortages in the next 25 years and thrust the country into the "jaws of death," the head of the UK Environment Agency warned on Tuesday.

ISIS fighters linked to January attack on Americans detained

US-backed forces in Syria have captured a handful of ISIS fighters linked to the January suicide attack in Manbij, Syria, that killed four Americans, according to a US defense official.

World's most expensive cities to live in

The most expensive cities in the world have been revealed -- and the No. 1 spot belongs not to one singly city, but to three destinations.

Late-night takes on Trump's weekend tweet storm

Late-night hosts poke fun at President Donald Trump's weekend Twitter marathon.

US commission: Elon Musk's failure to comply with court order over his tweets is 'stunning'

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected Elon Musk's claims that the regulator is unfairly trying to silence him.

Her son died. And then anti-vaxers attacked her

Not long ago, a 4-year-old boy died of the flu. His mother, under doctor's orders, watched his two little brothers like a hawk, terrified they might get sick and die, too.

Rugby side Crusaders mull changing name after Christchurch massacre

New Zealand's most decorated Super Rugby side the Crusaders are considering a name change following last week's mosque shootings in Christchurch that killed 50 people.

South and North Korea interested in hosting Women's World Cup 2023

South Korea and North Korea have expressed an interest in jointly bidding to host the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup.

Eight years and 1 million photos: What Eric Draper learned photographing George W. Bush

It was the year 2000 and George W. Bush had just won the presidency after a divisive recount.

'Hardest decision': Ski ace Marcel Hirscher mulls retirement

He's accomplished "way, way more" than he ever dreamed possible and is arguably the greatest ski racer that ever lived, but Marcel Hirscher is contemplating retirement.

The final supermoon of the year occurs as an asteroid zips close by

The third and final supermoon of the year will light up the sky on March 20, closing out a trifecta of supermoons for 2019 that began in January.

Tokyo 2020: Chairman of the Japanese Olympic Committee set to resign

With less than 500 days until the Tokyo Olympics gets underway, Tsunekazu Takeda -- president of the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) -- has announced he will step down from his position in June amid allegations of corruption over Tokyo's successful bid to host the 2020 Games.

Why you can't just eat one cookie

Have you ever found yourself staring at an empty bag of cookies you just devoured? Don't beat yourself up. Your brain is wired to eat that cookie -- and the next 10. It's as automatic a response as running away from a loud noise.

The company powering cars with cactus juice

With climate change top of the agenda in most countries, more people with sharp ideas than ever before are needed to combat global warming.

Divers' discovery named oldest in the world

Researchers from England discovered what is now considered to be the world's oldest astrolabe -- used in the 1500s by famed explorer Vasco da Gama.

World's cleanest airline named

Ever wonder how clean the airline seat you're sitting in is? A new survey has dished the dirt on which carriers offer the most pristine experiences for fliers.

Scientists say planet smells like rotten eggs

A new study suggests the atmosphere on the planet Uranus is composed of hydrogen sulfide, the same molecule that makes rotten eggs smell bad.

See a harpoon skewer space junk in orbit

A satellite has successfully test fired a harpoon into space to capture dangerous space debris.

Sam Smith reveals he identifies as non-binary

Singer Sam Smith revealed that he identifies as non-binary in a recent interview with Jameela Jamil on her Instagram series, "I Weigh Interviews."

Experts say there were similarities in the Ethiopian Airlines and the Lion Air crashes. What were they?

When the Federal Aviation Administration announced it was grounding all Boeing 737 Max planes, the agency said it had identified similarities between last week's Ethiopian Airlines crash and the Lion Air crash in Indonesia six months earlier.

Trump names new FAA boss with Boeing grounding as backdrop

President Donald Trump on Tuesday nominated a former Delta Airlines executive to become the new administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration as the country's airlines continue coping with the grounding of Boeing 737 Max jets.

Everything we know about the Ethiopian plane crash

Just 6 minutes into a flight to Nairobi, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 crashed, killing all 157 people on board.

NZ suspect planned third attack, police say

• New Zealand PM has become stoic face of tragedy

What happened last month at the North Korean Embassy in Spain?

Spanish authorities have confirmed they are investigating a reported attack on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid, a spokesperson for Spain's National Police told CNN.

Japanese spacecraft made 'tantalizing' finds

An unmanned Japanese spacecraft orbiting an asteroid has made surprising discoveries that scientists say will improve understanding about the origin's of the Earth's water and help search for life in other solar systems.

Michael Cohen warrants show how the FBI can unlock your phone and track you

Court documents unsealed Tuesday reveal the breadth of technical information federal investigators were permitted to collect on President Donald Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen.

Conway on why he tweets about Trump

George Conway, husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, said he often tweets about the President to "get it off [his] chest and move on," according to an interview published by the Washington Post.

US-China trade talks will resume

"China's going very well. China talks going very well," Trump said.

Coca-Cola unveils new product

As more Americans are reaching for drinks with lower sugar, sparkling water is on the rise. Coke is keeping up with the trend by rolling out flavored sparkling Smartwater.

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